Expand Your Coaching Toolkit with NLP

Coach learns to integrate many skills and tools into their coaching repertoire. Over time they accumulate a lot of flexibility in their training styles and methodologies. I have trained for a long time – since the early 1990s and between training schools, seminars, books, independent learning and what I have brought to train, I have gathered various tools that I can use to help my clients make changes that want They made. I feel quite complete as a coach. Then I ran to NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) for coaches in Coach Academy Texas and I was fascinated by the application to train.

The NLP tools and techniques that I learned at the Coach Academy Texas allowed me to work with clients in a much deeper way and we achieved important things much faster. Clients leave every coaching session with a clear and in-depth understanding and with Career & Entrepreneurial Clarity solutions to their problems. We can change behavior and confidence in a short session and we see sustainable change over time. What’s more, both coaches and clients find very pleasant and even fun techniques. Clients are always amazed at how fast they “get” and how fast and permanent they can change their behavior.

NLP is a science of human excellence. This is based on how the brain works (neuro) and language (linguistics). It utilizes the best behavioral modeling of people who do things very well. For example, when developing NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder modeled the work of satiran Virginia and Milton Erickson because they could create rapid changes in their patients. People wonder how they do it and the bandler and grinder can show others what steps they can take are also effective. Modeling replicates the best in people.

NLP also works widely with self-limiting beliefs. We all have this and they block we can move forward and become successful. NLP tools help us quickly get and change this belief to be more empowering that serves clients better in pursuing their goals. Because beliefs encourage behavior, change self-limiting beliefs can lead to behavior changes that also help achieve goals.

NLP is a very deep and rich science. Unfortunately it has got a bad name in some circles because of improper use. When a coach uses it and remains on the client’s agenda – because he always has to – the use of NLP is always for the good of the client. The strength and impact is utilized in helping clients go through their problems and into the desired future state.