Fake Instagram influencer’s (non-) impressive life

A story from the basement of online marketing n. 11

Why you can’t get millions of followers on Instagram (unless it’s fake)

Are you like me and can you be easily impressed? Or does Shania Twain’s song “That Dont Impress Me Much” sound like your typical national anthem?
Maybe that’s the way I raised me to appreciate certain achievements. We didn’t grow much, so the kids who looked like “rich” in the area were always impressed by Etch A Sketch and Light Brit, which my brother and I could only dream of. ..

I’m still impressed to see new neighbors instagram followers increase come in with Tesla and go on cruise vacations several times a year (long before Covid anyway).
I was impressed by how people and businesses received prestigious awards. I was impressed to see how many incredibly determined people went to the gym and built up their strength and endurance.
The list continues.
But then there is social media.
I was previously impressed when I saw someone with thousands of followers. I would think: Wow, that person really needs to know what he is doing! See how many people want to learn, entertain and inspire from them!

But that’s not the case anymore. (Kyushania.)

The other day, I saw an HBO social documentary experiment called “Fake Famous.” Have you seen it? Open your eyes to say the least.
In it, they conducted a research study to see if they could create Instagram influencers from virtually unknown people.
And it was scary to see how easy they could do it. It all came down to building a false façade of illusions to give his story the impression that he was successful. You can even rent a luxury jet from the studio and take pictures as if you were going to an exotic place.
This is where she really is:

Or use a baby bath full of rose petals to take a tight photo with her head floating above … giving the illusion of relaxing in a luxurious spa.
And in addition to these fake photo shoots, there are followers, preferences, and comment purchases. These fake influencers went to tens of thousands at the moment of hundreds of followers.