God Is Not Testing You!

Certain individuals truly accept that God is trying them. They imagine that the two chances and obstructions they face are from God. Many individuals imagine that God tests their confidence to show verification of their affection for Him.

I was on the telephone last week  love test with a person who let me know that he wasn’t sure why God continued to test him. He let me know that he felt like God was attempting to show him something however he didn’t have the foggiest idea what or why. I once had somebody tell me, with respect to God testing him, that he trusted God would recollect that he was just a “C” understudy.

On the off chance that individuals would genuinely make a stride back and ponder this entirety “test from God” idea they would see no rationale in everything. On the off chance that a parent made their youngster experience just to test the kid’s affection, that parent would be captured. So for what reason do as such many consider God to be so pitiless and cruel?

Isn’t life troublesome enough without the Creator of the sky and the earth specifically designing more challenges for you? However still, barely seven days passes by when I don’t hear somebody faulting God for their difficulties. But, they don’t call it fault; they consider it a test.

Assuming you truly accept that your concerns and openings are a test from God, how might you have any certainty to ask Him for His assistance? Assuming He evidently carried cataclysm to you, then, at that point, you will imagine that you really want to endure without knowing why. Individuals wherever endure unnecessarily in light of the fact that they accept God needs them to endure.

It is safe to say that we are truly to accept that God Almighty doesn’t have anything preferable to do over to get under way conditions so you will lose your employment so He can check whether you truly love Him? Does God give individuals ailments and sicknesses to see exactly how solid their confidence truly is? Does God kill our friends and family to check whether we will in any case adore Him?

That isn’t simply rubbish. That is finished madness. How could we lay all the evil of the world at the feet of God! It simply doesn’t bode well! He so adored the world that He gave His main conceived Son that whosoever has faith in him won’t die yet have never-ending life.

In talking about, “God is trying me,” I generally prefer to call attention to that there are various stanzas in the Bible that unmistakably show God’s anxiety and help. Many, many refrain show asking and requesting His assistance. Many, many stanzas additionally show God aiding, mending and bringing liberation.

How preposterous it is believe that God urges us to supplicate and request His assistance, and that He does without a doubt help, yet is additionally the person Who has acquired difficulties the primary spot? That has neither rhyme nor reason, makes no sense, and has no coordinated effort with the sacred writings. It additionally faults God for all the evil on the planet.